10 May 2011

Sprouting before their time!

Eep! Despite the directions clearly reading, "Plant outside in 2-3 weeks," my radishes and sunflowers have sprouted and then some and my green beans are catching up fast! Obviously I am not equipped for the "ya-gotta-sorta-feel-out-your-plants-to-know-when-their-ready-to-plant" aspect of gardening and I'm still about two weeks from building my garden in the backyard. So I have no place to put them!



I called a friend last night for advice and she suggested re-planting in a plastic container (wish I would have saved those old margarine containers like Grandma did...) until I can get them outside in two weeks.

Since it takes a village to raise a child garden, I'm looking for more advice. How long can I keep these plants in their little soil pods? Should I replant them in a bigger container like my friend suggested?


  1. I think those soil pods have enough room to last one more week (just guessing, who knows if I'm right!) We have pumpkins growing like CRAZY in soil pods too (a little bigger than yours), and they should have been planted a week ago! I hope they make it to the garden!

  2. I agree-- You have at least a week with your more aggressive growers, maybe longer. Anything you can do to transplant is great ahead of your garden time. I'd say get the garden done sooner, but frosts the week around memorial day weekend isn't unheard of in Holland. Let me know if you need a hand with anything (garden or with other home projects)!