22 August 2011

Siblings Visit


One nice thing about growing up is that your relationship with your siblings move from, "Moooooooooooooooooom!!! JILLIAN'S touching me!!! Make her GET OFF OF ME!!!" to, "Mom can I borrow the car to visit Jillian this summer?"

Ah, maturity.

My brother Wes, future sister-in-law Kaitin, and sister Jenna all piled into my mom's Sebring and drove the 6 hour treck to visit me (and John) this weekend.

They arrived on Friday afternoon while I was working in the garden. Wes walked into the backyard first with a typically understated "hey" and a stiff but genuine hug hello. Kaitlin followed with a big smile, a warm embrace and a warning: Jenna's a little bit grumpy.

Sure enough Jenna, who was within earshot of Kaitlin's teasing comment exclaimed, "Uuughhh. I HATE sitting in the back seat." Welcome, sister.

That backseat hatred was really unfortunate for Jenna because she had to take a backseat in the car for the rest of the weekend as the 5 of us traveled from store to beach to restaurant and home again. And this time she had to share with me and Kaitlin. Apparently the worst part about sitting in the backseat, according to Jenna anyway, is the boredom.

Pretty sure that's how this happened:


Although she wasn't in the backseat for this one:


... so maybe that's just how her face is.


As you can see, we went to the beach to watch the sunset.


And it was beautiful.


We started off day 2 with a trip to the farmer's market.


I bought normal farmer's market things like bright, fresh, vegetables to make shish kabobs that evening. Jenna bought a fun farmer's market treat: a delicious homemade baked cookie.


And Wes found the one booth in the entire market with the most unnatural, unorganic, processed thing: strange animal jerky. I mean, I'm all for beef jerky, but this was made with things you don't want to think about eating like alligator and ostrich. Or maybe I'm just weird about that.



After a stroll through downtown and a quick stop for coffee, we ate lunch at home and headed back out for some shopping. Places like Target and Meijer are sheer delight for my Canadian family members who love to push around big red or blue shopping carts and oggle with delight at all the cheap goods. Every trip includes at least 5 exclamations like, "Jill they have a whole bin of cheese for only a BUCK over here!!!" (Wes owns that one). Checking out is also fun when they realize how little 6% sales tax is compared to 14% at home.

This particular Target visit was soured a little, though, when Wes was injured.

It was Kaitlin's fault, really. She had to use the washroom (ahem: restroom) and left Wes alone in the Kitchen and Home section. That was the first mistake.

The second was that Wes touched something breakable- specifically a novelty size glass canning jar.

As he tells it, whoever handled the jar before him failed to properly secure the lid back on. To Wes, the lid looked like a perfectly reasonable area of the jar to grasp. Calamity ensued. Jar dropped, jar shattered, foot sliced, blood flowed.

Kaitlin returned at this point to see poor Wes bleeding in the middle of a sharded glass mess. Thankfully a sales associate nearby arrived to clean up the glass and suggested that Wes go to the pharmacy to get a bandage.

How nice, they thought: not a mean word about breaking the glass and even an offer to help clean up his foot!

Well, unfortunately the niceness of Target has a limit. When I saw Wes after this whole thing was over the version of the story I got was Wes pointing at this bandaged foot exclaming, "I cut my foot open on a glass jar and THEY MADE ME PAY FOR THE BANDAGE!!!" And not just one, either, he had to buy a whole box of bandages. The pharmacist recommended "the large ones." So after getting the box, limping through the checkout (with the slowest checkout girl, to be sure), and leaving a trail of blood behind him, Wes had to clean out his wound and scrub his bloody sandal in the target bathroom sink.

Pretty sure that is NOT standard first aid protocol, especially for a pharmacist.

Wes' bandaged foot:

And to top it all off poor Kaitlin didn't even get to buy anything because she was busy helping the injured. I guess it came full circle though because she really shouldn't have left him alone to begin with. ;)

The rest of our weekend was fairly uneventful. We enjoyed our shish-kabob dinner:


(minus the grumps who didn't want to help with the shishing. Or the kabobing.)


We played with the cat.



(Wow her face really does just look like that, doesn't it?)

Just kidding Jenna. You're beautiful!


Oh good grief. It's spreading. ;)

And we capped off our last night with a beer.


All good things must come to an end.

Until next time, siblings. Love to you all.

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  1. I always love a window into your life. And hey, let loose and try some alligator jerky!

    Just kidding. Because... eww.